Importance of Drinking Water before, during and after Exercise

“Water is life, and clean water means health.” – Audrey Hepburn

Exercising is not just about will power, but also a lot of consideration. If you have just made regular workout a part of your everyday fitness regime, you should be aware of a few dos and don’ts, so that you can avoid any unpleasant accident like muscle cramping or dehydration.

According to experienced athletic trainers, proper nutrition, hydration and sleep are big elements to care for one’s own body, especially when you are exercising. In fact, they suggest regular intake of special and more effective forms of water like detox water or sparkling fennel water. Today, let’s discuss about the importance of drinking water throughout your exercise routine in depth, so that you can avert any possible health issue in time.

Proper hydration is at the core of a successful exercise routine. We all know that adequate water intake helps regulate our body temperature, but most of us don’t realise that it’s also important for lubricating our joints. Our body also needs water to transport nutrients and provide energy for healthy functioning.

How Much to Drink?

There are several factors, including humidity and heat in the weather, and your body’s sweat rate and workout’s time duration, which determine how much water you should drink throughout your daily exercise. The American Council on Exercise suggests the following guidelines:

  • 17-20 ounces of water at least before 2-3 hours of starting your exercise
  • 8 ounces of water during warmup, or around 20-30 minutes before workout
  • 7-10 ounces of water during every 10-20 minutes of your exercise routine
  • 8 ounces of water within around 30 minutes of completing your workout

Expert Tips

  • If you’re wondering about the quantity of water that you are required to drink, you can assess your body’s hydration level with this simple test – check the colour of your urine. Almost clear or light-yellow coloured urine indicates that you are well-hydrated. However, if your urine has a dark yellow or slightly brown colour, chances are that your body is dehydrated.
  • When you work out, your body loses fluid in the form of sweat. To measure the loss of fluid during every exercise session, you can simply measure your body weight before and after you hit the gym. It’s best if you can replenish every lost pound with approximately 16-24 ounces of water.
  • You can make your body’s hydration extra healthy by adding detox water and sparkling fennel water to your exercise routine.

Wrapping Up

We can conclude that without proper hydration, our body cannot perform the best that it could.

Dehydration could lead to dizziness, rapid heartbeat, nausea, dry mouth, dry skin and even muscle cramps. OSOM Water offers the best sparkling water in New Zealand to help you fight severe dehydration and support good gut health. So, keep well-hydrated with OSOM Water, and become your fitter self.

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