An Acquired Taste*. Naturally.

It’s true that some tastes take a bit of getting used to. But that doesn’t mean you don’t end up loving them. Strangely enough, this is often attached to things that aren’t that good for you – yet we keep coming back. Think of beer or cigarettes for example. Even breakfast spreads like Marmite or Vegemite are incredibly popular in many countries, but certainly take some getting used to if you don’t grow up with them.
So it goes with things that are good for you. Vegetables you didn’t like as a child may now be your favorites. So, yes, it’s possible that for many people, the initial taste of an OSOM drink might be different from what they’re used to (after all, it’s not loaded with sugar as most drinks today are). Perhaps they’re just tasting a truly natural drink for the first time. But, give it a chance.
Some of our customers report being unsure about the taste at first, but quickly grow to love it. So give it a go. Twice. Because you just might find that you come to love it.

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