Appeared in world packaging design

Appeared in world packaging design


Spicing it Up with Functional Spring Water Beverages
Redfire - OSOM - Brand & Packaging Design

" OSOM is an Ayurvedic Spiced New Zealand Spring Water.
Ayurveda, a 5000 year old Hindu natural healing system is based on ideas of balance in bodily systems and uses diet, herbs and yogic breathing. The name
is derived from the ancient ceremonial Hindu Sanskrit word SOM, representing water- The Nectar of Immortality.
OSOM’s simple proposition of just fair trade Ayurvedic spices blended with NZ spring water has No Added Sugar and No Artificial Sweeteners - offering ‘Guilt Free, Healthy Hydration for Body, Mind and Soul’.
We wanted to appeal to a wide audience and transition OSOM away from the traditional “Indian & Ayurvedic” cue and into the functional beverage and wellness market.
The branding and packaging design, positions the brand away from the traditional Ayurveda look with a modern, clean and unique aesthetic. The pack design uses a modern palette of pastels and is anchored at the mast head with a strong brand logo appealing to a wider market audience.
Our naming conventions focussed on the emotional need rather than flavour - which are uniquely blended for specific purposes. Emphasis was on clean lines and simplicity using labelling shape to add interest and movement to the pack design.
The design incorporates open arms - angelic like, symbolising health and wellness. Layouts are well structured and the information hierarchy is clear, conveying a sense of modernity and simplicity. The packaging deploys minimal graphical elements and the decisive colour palette reflects purity of the ingredients.
We used glass bottles for premium cues offering recyclability and the labels are printed on premium stock with subtle foiling embellishments adding luxury and sophistication. Foiling of the brand mark and pin stripe provides premium quality cues, providing contrast against the substrate."

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