What Useful Things Can You Do with Sparkling Water?

Water quenches thirst better, when it tastes better! Sparkling water is on the rise, for it works like an elixir. It is an undeniable fit when you are looking for something refreshing to soothe your parched throat in scorching summers. The taste undoubtedly stands apart, but the uses of sparkling water do not fail to impress either. For instance, Osom sparkling water gives you a bubbly aftertaste in varying degrees of fizziness without added chemicals.

Sparkling water is processed under pressure with the infusion of carbon dioxide that makes it taste similar to soft drinks, except it cuts off the excess calories to get along with your health. OSOM sparkling water is a savior during dehydration. It facilitates digestion, alleviates heart and kidney issues, and enhances the overall wellbeing. Skeptical? Check the label for nutritional values that talk about the ingredients and health benefits of Osom sparkling water.

Let’s look at where else you can use sparkling water.

Most useful things to do with Sparkling Water


Want to cook scrumptious dishes? You can replace normal drinking water with sparkling water that gives your food a lighter taste when boiled or simmered. You can try your hands at pancakes and pasta with sparking water – a failproof recipe that will give you a delightful taste while melting down easily in your mouth.


Cleaning and wiping stubborn stains on porcelain, and greasy blemishes of windscreens is no less than Achilles Heel. Sparkling water works wonders in getting rid of all the troublesome marks that annoy you every time you encounter them. So, the next time you come across any stain, just rub it off with carbonated water and witness the magic!

Lubricates digestion:

Digestion issues inducing gastric and other stomach problems could get resolved if you avail the digestive benefits of restore sparkling water. The presence of carbon dioxide and sodium bicarbonate allows the fizzy water to act as a relaxant for your gut. It contains an amazing fusion of prebiotics, backed by Ayurveda that contributes to your holistic health.

With OSOM sparkling water, break the monotonous taste of water without compromising your health. Add on to your wellbeing and take a healthy step towards detoxing or use it for a myriad of practical, fun uses in and around your house.