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RESTORE - KAPHA (Ayurvedic name of Restore Water)

Kapha - provides substance and support. It gives strength and stability, both physically and psychologically. It diminishes disease and promotes the healing process.
Effective for - lungs, the upper part of stomach, heart, tongue.
Qualities - Cold, Damp, Dense, Heavy, Oily, Slow, Sweet, Stable, and Moist

Had a hard day or completed a workout? Time to Restore. This refreshing combination of Fennel, Cumin, Ginger, Holy Basil/ Tulsi, and Turmeric - 'RESTORE' supports replenishing the body's energy stores. The crisp aniseed notes of Fennel, warm zesty flavour of Ginger, and anti-inflammatory benefits of Turmeric combine into a powerful restorative blend. 

The earthy, gamey, spicy notes of Cumin support boosting immunity and the added spicy note of Holy Basil helps in respiration. 

Restore Sparkling Water Contains the Natural Ingredients:

  • Fennel
  • Cumin
  • Ginger
  • Holy Basil/Tulsi
  • Turmeric

Here is why OSOM Restore Water is different from the other drinks:

  • Contains no sugar
  • Contains no Artificial Sweetener
  • Can be drunk chilled, warm or Ambient
  • Contains herbs and spices for good health and wellbeing
  • Contains Prebiotic compounds only
  • Contained ingredients boost Immunity
  • Support Respiratory Flow

Frequently Asked Questions About Restore Water

Q. How many days will Restore drink take to deliver?
A. Any of our drinks if delivered in NZ it will take 2-3 days.

Q. Is Cash on Delivery available on this product?
A. No cash.

Q. What are the common side-effects of Restore water?
A. There are no side effects unless they are allergic to any of the ingredients in the drink. Like ginger etc.

Q. What is the minimum age of drinking Restore sparkling drink?
A. There is no age limit unless they are a baby. Cause all the ingredients are natural.

Q. What are the most popular natural ingredients added in Restore Water?
A. This sparkling water product contains Fennel, Cumin, Ginger, Holy Basil/Tulsi, and Turmeric as the natural ingredients.

Q. Is sparkling water healthy for you?
A. Yes. Restore Sparkling Water contains natural ingredients. Also, it contains no sugar/artificial sweeteners.

Q. Is it helpful in boosting immunity?
A. Our Sparkling Water contains fennel, cumin, ginger, and holy basil/tulsi, which helps in boosting immunity. It is also helpful in kidney, liver, artery, and body cleanse.