Our Story

“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.” – Loren Eiseley

OSOM is all about accentuating health with the magical touch of Ayurveda and Prebiotics.

Acquire Taste, Acquire Health

Sometimes, the things that are good for your health are not that easy on your taste buds – our product might also need an acquired taste. If you have never tasted OSOM water before, there are chances that you find it a little difficult to overcome its taste on the first go.

But once you realize its positive effects on your body and health, you would start to cherish its refreshing herbal taste every day.

Relish an Everyday Dose of Health

Now Available in 2 Sparkling variants – Detox, and Restore, OSOM water can be bought in 250ml Cans at some dairies and over 70 supermarkets, including New Worlds, 4 Squares, Fresh Choice.

Although people like to relish OSOM water right from the refrigerator, or mix it with some cold drinks. Basically, the herbs and spices in it enhance the flavour of whatever it is added to.

Our Next Big Step

Established with a futuristic view, OSOM has a lot of splendid forthcoming plans in its bag. We have our hearts invested in our new variant launch – Sparkling and still Water.

Then we have some brilliant syrups coming up. Other upcoming things in our store might be chocolates, yogurts and some interesting recipes.

Wish us luck! Follow us on Instagram at enjoy osom!